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Business Hour: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm (Monday - Sunday)

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Bring the flavors of Japan & Experience authentic sushi at home.



About Us

Ken’s Sushi Catering is one of the most highly rated private sushi catering services in the southern California region. Our team of professionals will bring you an unforgettable dining experience with the freshest ingredients to the comfort of your own home. So no matter the event, whether it be a large corporate gala, your next birthday party, or special event, Chef Ken and his team will create a package that will fit your taste and budget without compromising quality. Chef Ken’s Catering serves the following regions: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Laguna Niquel, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, and Malibu. If your event is within our reach, do not hesitate to book a consultation with Chef Ken and his team. So give our team a call and enjoy a unique dining experience with your own private chef and impress your guests with our signature dishes, exquisite quality, and extraordinary culinary display.




Meet The Chef

Tel. 323-621-8185


Chef Ken has over 20 years of experience preparing Japanese cuisine worldwide. At just the age of 21, Chef Ken moved to Tokyo to pursue his passion for sushi and ramen preparation. Chef Ken initially got his start in the industry at “Kagetsu Arashi Ramen” one of the largest ramen chain restaurants in Japan with over 250 locations scattered throughout the country, and over 290 locations globally. After mastering the craft of ramen preparation, Chef Ken decided to further his culinary skill set, now shifting his focus to the delicate art of sushi preparation. After just a few short years, Chef Ken quickly rose to head chef and manager at the restaurant where he initially began his sushi apprenticeship. In 2008, Chef Ken opened his own restaurant in West Covina but has since shifted his focus to catering, wanting instead to bring the intricate art of Japanese cuisine into the comfort of your own home. 

So whether you’re planning a large gala or a small family gathering, Chef Ken and his team will always bring the freshest and tastiest dishes to your home at the most reasonable prices. Our team here at Chef Ken’s Catering will dedicate all of our efforts to creating the perfect package bespoke to each event regardless of size.  ​​


How it works

Prior to the event, Chef Ken will reach out with a customized menu tailored to the clients’ needs for review. Chef Ken serves a variety of dishes and custom rolls. So no matter your request, we will work ardently to meet them.

After the menu for the event has been finalized and approved by the client, we will work diligently to find all the ingredients necessary to complete the menu. Chef Ken and his team always guarantees the highest quality in all of our dishes, handpicking the freshest and best ingredients from the seafood market the morning of the event. 

Our team will arrive at the event a few hours in advance to prepare an assortment of dishes for the sushi bar. Once the event starts, Chef Ken and his team will standby to await requests for custom dishes from the guests. Our team is dedicated to creating the perfect package and custom dishes for all of our clients regardless of the size of the event. So whether you’re planning a large gala or a small family gathering, our team here at Chef Ken’s Catering will always bring the freshest and tastiest dishes to you and your guests.

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